What is Desktop Publishing and why is it important?

If you’ve recently requested estimates from a Translation Company offering document translation services, you may have noticed a price for “DTP”. So what does it mean? DTP, or desktop publishing, is a fairly broad term that refers to creating documents with pleasing layouts on a computer. When it comes to […]

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Translation Facts! 2

The wait is over! The FIFA World Cup is starting today! Teams from 32 countries will participate on soccer tournaments for a month. They are expecting 600,000 people traveling from all around the world to support their countries. They each will bring with them their languages and it can get […]

What is Translation? 6

In the moment words appeared, so did our need to communicate them. When people came together, the need for translation was born. Translation may be defined as the rendering of source text into a specified target language, but this comes short in terms of what translation really is. Some languages […]